Video Tutorial: Highly Competitive Warehouse Management

Video Tutorial: Highly Competitive Warehouse Management

In this 4-part video tutorial, author Jeroen van den Berg step by step explains the principles of Highly Competitive Warehouse Management. In his book of the same name, he presents an action plan to gradually improve the performance of your warehouse to best-in-class level.

Part 1. Improving processes

In the first part he demonstrates how you can improve processes using a domestic example. He then shows that you can subdivide solutions into four categories. These categories represent the four stages in warehouse maturity.

Part 2. Transparency

The second part is about transparency. Transparency lays the foundation for the action plan to turn your operation into a best-in-class warehouse. We call this the effective stage. To be able to improve, you need to have a clear view on warehouse performance. What is going well, what is not? Jeroen van den Berg discusses four tools that make your warehouse transparent. He then gives three ways to use transparency to improve your processes.

Part 3. Intelligent IT

IT is indispensable in a modern warehouse. In the previous video you created transparency in your warehouse and streamlined your processes. This means you will no longer be faced with constant surprises. You do have your processes well under control. In this video we look at the introduction of intelligent IT systems. Using an advanced WMS on an unstructured process is asking for trouble. The adage is: First organize, then automate. The WMS provides intelligent control to your warehouse, improves your performance and allows you to respond smoothly to disruptions or demand fluctuations. We call this the responsive stage of warehouse maturity. In the video we then look at three ways you can improve the warehouse with intelligent IT.

Part 4. Equal role in the chain

In the previous videos you created transparency and introduced intelligent IT in your warehouse. The warehouse has become a strong link in the supply chain and, as an equal partner within the company, the warehouse manager can discuss with other departments to jointly see what is best for the company and for the whole supply chain. We call this the collaborative stage of warehouse maturity. We also distinguish three directions for improvement in this stage.

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