Warehouse design and robotization

You are reaching the limits of your warehouse. You want to move to a new building or redesign or expand your existing warehouse. How much space do you need? What is a suitable warehouse layout and which storage and transport means should you choose? Is robotization perhaps something for you? At Jeroen van den Berg Consulting we gladly help you with:

  • Design of a master plan for your supply chain.
  • Design of an ideal layout and configuration of your warehouse.
  • Selection and implementation of warehouse mechanization and robotization.

Unique approach for warehouse design

A good warehouse design is more than just a layout. It is an interplay of goods flows, customer agreements, design, processes, management and systems. Our unique approach and data-driven tools help you put a dot on the horizon. Where do you want to go with your company and what requirements does that place on your future warehouse and logistics chain?

warehouse layout design

We help you design a future-proof warehouse that performs excellently, seamlessly meets customer needs and effortlessly responds to market changes. Together with your team, we design a best-in-class warehouse for your company with a streamlined layout and appropriate storage and handling systems. Our data-driven tools identify unique patterns in your logistics flows for an tailor-made choice of the best solutions.

Warehouse design

In our data-driven approach, we combine your vision for the future, business objectives and growth ambitions with historical data on your warehouse operation. Our analytics tool Hyper Analyzer discovers distinctive patterns in product ranges, stocks, orders and processes to find suitable answers to existing bottlenecks. We translate the results into a 2D/3D layout design with suitable storage and material handling systems. The tool substantiates choices with a reliable business case via built-in productivity standards, cost indicators and space requirements of various systems.

Logistics master plan

Logistics networks are constantly evolving. Growth, product range proliferation, market developments, stricter customer demands and cost considerations require adjustments to your supply chain. We help you design a logistics master plan for your supply chain. The master plan provides the ideal supply chain structure, stock distribution across warehouses, logistics flows in the distribution network and required logistics controls and IT systems. We compare multiple scenarios via quantitative models. We investigate uncertainties in future developments through what-if analyzes for a future-proof solution.

Mechanization and robotization

Innovation in warehouse mechanization and robotization is happening quickly. Vendors bring smart solutions to the market that can fulfill a variety of warehouse tasks with high productivity. We follow developments closely. In our data-driven approach, we substantiate the choice with our analytics tool Hyper Analyzer through current productivity standards, cost indicators and space requirements of systems. We record the specifications for hardware and operating software in a request for proposal and invite vendors to participate. Finally, we make a well-substantiatedchoice by rating the vendors on various criteria.

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Jeroen van den Berg Consulting are the experts in warehouse management of the Benelux. We help you with process improvement, digitalisation, warehouse design and robotisation. Our expertise, proven approach and data-driven tools are ready to guide your warehouse to best-in-class level.

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