Warehouse Processes and digitalization

Streamline your warehouse processes and take advantage of the opportunities of digitalization. If you are reaching the limits of your warehouse and want to move forward, get more grip on your supply chain, enable new services, growth, better customer service with more efficiency and flexibility, then digitalization and streamlined warehouse processes are indispensable. At Jeroen van den Berg Consulting we gladly help you with:

  • Selecting and implementing a suitable WMS for your warehouse.
  • Optimizing your processes for better performance and new services.
  • Designing a future-proof IT landscape and the steps to get there.

Unique approach

In our view, solving bottlenecks haphazardly makes little sense given the dynamics of the logistics world in which new problems can arise every day. Our unique approach and tools help you to place a dot on the horizon.

warehouse processes and digitalization

Where do you want to go with your company and how does warehousing play a decisive role in it? You need a best-in-class warehouse that delivers excellent performance, seamlessly meets customer needs and effortlessly responds to future market changes. Together with your team, we design a best-in-class warehouse for your company. Our tools have already mapped out the best practices of top warehouses.


Which WMS is suitable for your best-in-class warehouse? We list the requirements of your best-in-class warehouse in a request for proposal. We select a shortlist of WMS providers via our online WMS selection guide. The WMS providers answer the request for proposal and provide a demo with specific topics that are essential for your warehouse. We then make warehouse visits to see the providers’ packages in practice. Finally, we make a well-considered choice by scoring the providers on various criteria. After this, you are ready to start the WMS implementation.

Warehouse optimization

How do you improve your warehouse into a best-in-class warehouse? We identify operational bottlenecks and include your future demands. We import historical data from your warehouse into our analytics tool Metrica for a substantiated analysis. In several sessions we discuss proposals to solve operational bottlenecks in your warehouse. Improvements can be found in processes, planning, management, organization and IT. We record the optimizations in an action plan for continuous improvement. After this, you are ready to roll out the short-term and long-term improvements.

IT landscape

What does your future IT landscape of logistics software look like? We map the requirements and future demands of your best-in-class warehouse to the logistics systems in your company. Which packages are suitable for the future, which systems are missing, which need to be replaced? We consider systems for WMS, ERP, MES (production), TMS (transportation), OMS (order management), PIM (item management), IMS (inventory management), BI (management information) and custom software for unique business processes. We then examine what a suitable migration path is to get from the current IT landscape to the desired landscape with lowest risk.

Further reading

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  • Jeroen van den Berg has described the best practices in warehousing in his book Highly Competitive Warehouse Management.

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