WMS and digitalization

You are reaching the limits of your current warehouse software. A new WMS seems to be the solution, but which package should you choose? And what does it bring you? At Jeroen van den Berg Consulting we gladly assist you with the following services:

  • Selection of a suitable WMS for your warehouse.
  • Implementation of the WMS via our sister company WMS Masters.
  • Design of a future-proof IT landscape.

Unique approach for WMS

We see the introduction of a new WMS as more than replacing your current software. It is an opportunity to take your warehouse to the next level. So together with your team we plan in advance how you want to work in your warehouse in the future. We put a dot on the horizon and together we design your best-in-class warehouse.

Warehouse processes and digitalization

But how can you streamline your processes? What intelligent control rules can a WMS provide? Which technological means are available? How do you make the warehouse collaborate seamlessly in the supply chain? To help you actually take a step forward with the new WMS, we have already listed the best practices of top warehouses. Together with your team we evaluate what the best practices can offer you and design a best-in-class warehouse. Our approach examines your current process in a structured manner, quickly finds proven solutions for existing bottlenecks and avoids unnecessary customization.

WMS selection

After streamlining your warehouse processes, we look for a WMS that can support your future needs.

  1. We record the requirements for your best-in-class warehouse in a request for proposal.
  2. We select a shortlist of WMS providers via WOLF, our online WMS selection tool, and ask the providers to answer the program of requirements.
  3. We evaluate the providers’ packages through targeted demos and company visits to their users.
  4. We make a well-founded choice by assessing the providers on various criteria and costs.


After this, you are ready to start the WMS implementation.

WMS implementation

Once the new WMS has been selected, implementation begins. We also gladly help you with the implementation. The independent consultants from our sister company WMS Masters will assist you in the project. They are experienced in WMS projects, have various tools and resources at their disposal and help you make the right choices and avoid pitfalls.

IT landscape

Streamlining your business operations places new demands on your business systems. These include WMS, ERP, MES (production), TMS (transport), OMS (order management), PIM (item management), IMS (stock management), BI (management information) and custom software for unique business processes.  We help you to design a future-proof IT landscape.

  1. We identify requirements and wishes of your best-in-class logistics process.
  2. We map requirements and wishes to the business systems in your company.
  3. We evaluate which systems are suitable for the future, which are missing and which need to be replaced.
  4. We plan a feasible migration path to move from the current IT landscape to the desired landscape with the lowest risk.

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