Leaders in Warehousing

Do you have the ambition to achieve best-in-class performance with your warehouse? Do you want a warehouse in which you enjoy working, with user-friendly digitalization and efficient logistic flows, a warehouse that can flexibly respond to changes in the market and creates lasting competitive advantage for your company? Then we gladly help you forward with our proven approach and smart tools.


We are specialists in WMS, process optimization and warehouse design
with a unique seasoned approach and smart data-driven tools


We have developed a unique approach to improve warehouses to best-in-class level. We noticed that some warehouses have excellent performance while many others struggle. We unraveled the secrets of the leaders in warehousing and incorporated their best practices into a systematic yet flexible approach with practical tools. We gladly assist you to transform your operation into a best-in-class warehouse.


Would you like to know more about our unique approach? In his book Highly Competitive Warehouse Management, Jeroen van den Berg shows step by step how to transform your warehouse to best-in-class level. Are you curious how well your warehouse is already performing? Are you a leader, follower or laggard? Complete the warehouse maturity scan and find out. More than three thousand logistics professionals have already preceded you.

Consulting services for warehouse optimization, WMS and warehouse design

Jeroen van den Berg Consulting are the experts in warehouse management of the Benelux. We help you with process improvement, digitalisation, warehouse design and robotisation. Our expertise, proven approach and data-driven tools are ready to guide your warehouse to best-in-class level.

Warehouse processes and optimization

WMS and digitalization

Warehouse design and robotization

Warehouse Robots

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We work for manufacturers, wholesalers, logistics service providers, retailers en e-commerce players in the Benelux.


Based on scientific research and in-depth analysis, our online tools give you a quick insight into your logistics operation and help you make the right choices.



Use the online WMS selector and find out which warehouse management systems are best suited for your warehouse.



How mature is your warehouse? Find out with the warehouse maturity scan.


Supply Chain

How mature is your supply chain? The supply chain maturity scan gives the answer.