Save 15 percent with the Warehouse Quick Scan

There is still a lot of room for improvement in warehouses, even without major investments in digitalization and robotization. Our warehouse quick scan discovers smart warehouse optimizations in working methods, warehouse layout, planning and control and chain agreements through data-driven analyzes with the Metrica warehouse analytics tool. On average, companies save 15 percent on their operational warehousing costs with our warehouse quick scan.

Results of the warehouse quick-scan:

  • Benchmark your warehouse against the market.
  • Insights into the performance and characteristic patterns of your warehouse.
  • Concrete plan for the short and long term actions and indications of costs and benefits.

Unique approach for warehouse optimization

The book Highly Competitive Warehouse Management presents a systematic action plan to improve your warehouse performance to best-in-class level. The accompanying warehouse maturity scan shows your bottlenecks and improvement potential. Now there is Metrica, our warehouse analytics tool, which recognizes structures and patterns in processes, orders and stocks via in-depth data analyses. In the warehouse quick scan we use these new insights to identify and substantiate concrete improvement actions.

“On average, companies achieve 15 percent
operational costs savings
with our warehouse quick-scan”

We conclude the warehouse quick scan with the presentation of improvement actions in processes, IT, organization and supply chain collaboration. We substantiate the costs and benefits per action and provide a planning of short- and long-term actions.


Don’t wait any longer and contact us today to discover how Metrica can help you optimize your warehouse!

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